Our History

Jan Koppert, founder of koppert biological systems in 1967

Back in 1967, Jan Koppert was a dedicated cucumber grower. Day after day he did his utmost to optimize his crop and achieve the best result. Diseases and pests were controlled with chemicals, but the efficacy of the chemical crop protection products decreased each year. Matters came to a head when Jan Koppert became allergic and ill as a result of these products. He had to face a fundamental choice: quit or look for an alternative.

With enormous dedication, Jan applied himself to the search for alternatives and immersed himself in the world of natural enemies. He was the first to introduce a natural enemy to combat spider mite infestation in his own nursery. The results and effects were so positive that Jan Koppert decided to produce this solution, not only for his own company, but to sell it to his fellow growers. Koppert Biological Systems was born.

Since then, the search for biological solutions has only increased and has led to the company’s position as the market leader in biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert-solutions are currently being successfully applied in more than 90 countries.